CS:GO King of the Hill


Announcing CS:GO King of the Hill

We’re starting our 2016 tournaments off with a bang, bringing you out King of the Hill tournament series.

We’re offering a prize pool of $10,000 and hosting 9 tournaments to find the true King of the Hill. Starting with Find the King this Sunday, followed by 7 King of the Hill events. To finalise the series, we’ll be running Game On King of Kings where all previous King of the Hill winners will be invited back.

We’ve also partnered with leading gaming brand Razer to bring you exclusive giveaways and a centralised platform for all the tournament.

Find the King – Sunday 17th January 2016

This tournament will feature 4 invited teams participating in a single elimination bracket with best-of-three matches. The winner of this tournament will win $1,000, be crowned the King and will participate in the first King of the Hill tournament. The runner-up of this tournament will win $500 for their efforts.

  • 15:00 CET – Team Infused vs. Team Atlantic (BO3)
  • 17:30 CET – Enso vs. pipoo (BO3)
  • 20:00 CET – Final (BO3)

King of the Hill – Every Wednesday

The weekly King of the Hill tournaments will feature the current King as well as 2 newly invited teams (the Challengers) who will try to take the throne. Whichever team is wearing the King crown by the end of this tournament takes home $500.

  • 18:00 CET – Challenger Match (BO3)
  • 20:30 CET – King Match (BO3)

King of Kings – Dates to be confirmed

This tournament will feature all Kings from throughout the entire Game On King of the Hill tournament series. As we do not know how many winners there will be (maximum of 8, minimum of 1!) the format for this tournament is not yet confirmed. In the event that 1 team keeps its reign throughout the entire tournament, we will invite up to 7 other previous participants to an exclusive invitational tournament where $5,000 will be up for grabs!


English Stream: www.azubu.tv/GameOn

Russian Stream: www.azubu.tv/GameOnRU